Caching Rocks!


I had a getitalldoneinoneweekwemeanit site and now that it’s live, I got
to thinking, this is a bit pokey. So, my first thought was, what are my
page rates. In production mode they were (frighteningly) over 1
second/page. Almost all of that was render time, so I immediately turned
to caching.

Now, caching may not seem like a silver bullet to all of you, but I
implemented action caching with some simple page expiry on one section
of my site are reduced the render time to about .0006 seconds. Put
differently, from under 1 page/second to somewhere just over 1,500
pages/sec. If that’s not a silver bullet, it’s close enough for me!

Rails team: Thank you for the great caching alternatives; I will be
using a three on this dippy little site.