Caching fastcgi php pages?


First of all: thank you. Nginx seems great.

I have a question: would that be possible to cache php pages, served by
ngnix + fastcgi?

Shure it would be possible with nginx as a reserse proxy, but with nginx
as the only server?
Or would a ngnix+fastcgi/PHP-FPM to serve the dynamic files and a ngnix
as reverse proxy to store
them in cache and serve them to people?



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Are you looking for this?

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Joshua Z.

Hi Joshua,

Thank you!
Strange that i didn’t see it while looking at the website…

Anyway, that sounds quite good, i’ll give it a try and see if it fits my

If anyone as an experience or tips regarding this (or caching php files
with & served with nginx…)
feel free to contact me.

Regards & have a nice day,


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