Caches_page caching a javascript response

I am using caches_page to cache a controller action which returns

caches_page :show_county

def show_county
@county = County.find(params[:id])

respond_to do |format|

However when I hit the page, the server caches it as a html:

Cached page: /home/show_county/22.html (1.1ms)

This is obviously causing problems on subsequent hits.
I am using rails 2.2.2

Any ideas on why the page is cached as .html and how do I rectify


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Any ideas on why the page is cached as .html and how do I rectify


Diamuid, this is the standard behavior of caches_page. If you’re
looking to cache only HTML, I would recommend the following:

caches_page :show_county, :if => { |c| c.request.format.html? }

Good luck,



Thanks for the response.

However my problem is that I want it to cache the response as a js
file (ie 22.js) and then on subsequent hits the server will return
this file.

I tried :

caches_page :show_county, :if => {|c|

but that didn’t help matters.

Even in a Railscast I watched (
caching) I can see the correct behaviour but for some reason I cannot
replicate that behaviour


I think I have solved this issue. Adding the solution to help others.
I also have one question that I don’t undestand below, maybe someone
could enlighten me

The problem is that by default the caching mechanism will use the same
extension of the request to store the cached file. If no extension
exists (/home/show_county/22) then the default is .html

Next was the figure out how to get the request to have the js

This is done by setting an argument to url_for :format => :js This
doesn’t seem to be well documented (
ActionController/Base/url_for only in the comments!) but it did work.

However as a consequence of this I had to rename some views from
xxx.html.erb to xxx.erb, I don’t know why? Anyone?

Once I did this, the request was sent as a .js which was then cached
as a 22.js and on subsequent hits was returned as a javascript file.



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