Cache-money Rails3?

It was awesome that Nick Kallen gave us Cache-Money but the
unfortunate thing is that people download his original version, have
issues and give up.

Is there any way to promote the GitHub - ngmoco/cache-money: A Write-Through Cacheing Library for ActiveRecord
maintained fork to be what people see on

Does anyone know if the ngmoco fork of cache-money works with Rails3?
I suspect it no longer works but I have not tried it yet.

If not what alternatives do people suggest? The Rails3 Query cache
still only caches for a single request right?

It appears that cache-money will not work with Rails 3 as-is because
it hooks into 2 active record methods that no longer exist. :frowning:

alias_method_chain :find_every, :cache
alias_method_chain :find_from_ids, :cache

With the whole ARel integration I wonder if hooking into the DB calls
just got harder or easier. I haven’t had a chance to dig for a
solution yet but if someone is already working on this please chime
in. Thanks!

Today I launched a new write-through-cache gem for Rails 3, see
GitHub - orslumen/record-cache: Cache Active Model Records in Rails 3. It’s works great in Rails
3.0.x and will support Rails 3.1.x in the near future.

The reason I built it, is because we were using cache money and recently
migrated to Rails 3. So chances are, it will also serve you well.