"cache-money" - how to configure and get it working?

hi, guts,

I am trying to give cache-money (http://github.com/nkallen/cache-
money) a go.

Sadly, one the steps in its documentation is not very complete.

-------- Extract start -------------------------------

Step 2: Configure MemCached.

Place a YAML file in config/memcached.yml with contents like:

ttl: 604800
namespace: …
sessions: false
debug: false
servers: localhost:11211


-------- Extract end -------------------------------

  1. How do we run cache-money for the development environment?
  2. Can anyone please define what the “namespace” is to be?
  3. can the ttl (ie 604800) and localhost:11211 values be used for
    development, test and production environments?
  4. what is “ttl”?

Has anyone had any luck getting it to work?