Rails documentation project update

Since you guys are the ones who chipped in the money to pay for it, I
thought you all might like to get an update on the caboose doc

Jamie van Dyke (fearoffish) and I have been selected as authors for
the API documentation revisions. We’re dedicating one day a week
(Monday) to revising and adding Rails documentation.

To see a list of the tickets we’ve submitted so far, wander over to
the blog:

We’ll try to post regular updates there, but to keep to keep your
finger on the pulse of our work, then visit the Basecamp we setup (URL
and credentials are on the blog post from Jamie). Please
don’t abuse it; it would suck to have to shut that down.

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to respond here or on
the blog, or (if you have a really good suggestion) on the


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