Burst Transmissions

Hi all,

This is kind of a reword of a previous question I asked yesterday. I
think I did a good job.

I am receiving data bursts that can be separated by no transmissions
(noise) for extended periods of time. I want to figure out a way to get
bursts of data into a file without the noise. I can identify the bursts
how long the bursts are in terms of bytes. I can’t figure out a way to
get the burst into a file without all dead time between them. The dead
translates to large chunks of zeros in the output file.

I’m attaching a flowgraph of what allows me to identify the burst
remove the header and claim the payload. The problem remains that along
with the payload going to the file, large chunks of zeros are also
it into the file.

I would really appreciate some guidance.


Only gave your FG a quick glance, but if you give the HPD the right
packet length, you should end up with only the data packet.

Things to check:

  • Is the packet length passed to the HPD correct?
  • Are there packing/unpacking issues that would add zeros? Are you maybe
    calculating the packet length in the wrong domain?


Thanks for confirming the functionality of the HPD block. That’s what I
hoping it would do. I’ll assume the problem lies in how I’m using it and
debug around it.

Thanks for the help.


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