Bundler vs. yanked Gems

Hi everyone!

There was a mistake with gem dependencies, resulting in net-scp 1.0.6
yanked: net-scp patch version increased net-ssh dependency minor version · Issue #80 · net-ssh/net-ssh · GitHub

Unfortunately, my Bundler had seen 1.0.6 and put that in my
Bundler did not understand - “bundle update net-scp” just kept local
version 1.0.6.

After some fighting, I had to “gem search -rda net-scp” and pick another
version, then peg to that version in Gemfile, then “bundle update
Even though net-scp was originally just a dependency, pulled in by fog.

There’s an issue for this:

But in the meantime, is there a better way to get bundler to forget it’s
seen a version?

Does not removing the Gemfile.lock resolve that issue? Recently I
installed mistakenly some newer gem and the bundler complaints
disappeared after I deleted Gemfile.lock.