Bundler install gems but not in vendor folder

Hi to all,
i use rails 3. The problem that i am facing is that when i run the
command “bundler install” it installs the gems but not in the vendor
folder. It installs the in the ruby folder eg. c/ruby/lib/1.8 etc. I
have used the ruby-installer for windows.

Are these gems supposed to be installed in the vendor/bundler folder?
Because this folder is not created. How can
i change this??

Any advice???

Thank you in advance

This is normal, to install gems to the vendor dir you need to run

~$ bundle pack

You can also watch this railscast:
http://railscasts.com/episodes/201-bundler it covers a lot of stuff
about bundler

Hi Vitaliy thanks for your fast response,
do i have to run “bundle pack” in order to deploy my application?

Thank you again

I`m not sure what you mean under “deploy”, the command “bundle pack”
just puts all gems that are need for your app to the vendor folder

Ok thank you Vitaliy.

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