BUNDLE_PATH and Passenger


I’d like to cleanup my Ruby powered vhosts. The GEM_PATH is now set in
the Apache vhost config as “SetEnv GEM_PATH /var/www/site.com/gems” and
the gems are all installed there. Works like a charm with Passenger for
Rails 2 apps without bundler.

However, if bundler, Rails 3 and Passenger seems more complicated.
Eventhough “bundle check” reports all green, I get the omnious
Bundler::GitError. Since the GEM_PATH is set, bundler installs gems
checked out via git to /var/www/site.com/gems/bundler/gems, but adding
“SetEnv BUNDLE_PATH /var/www/site.com/gems/bundler/gems” doesn’t help.
I’ve checked whether the env variable is actually set correctly (by
dumping it with config/setup_load_paths.rb) and indeed it is.

Any idea what I’m missing here?