Building plruby on Windows

Hello -

Has anyone successfully implemented plruby on the Windows version of

We have versions of our database on both Linux and Windows. Building
and installing plruby on Linux was a piece of cake and worked as
advertised. Windows, however, was a different story - numerous
Makefile, compile and link errors. We gave up after 3 days, and
installed plperl instead.

The Windows version of PostgreSQL, as we understand it, is built using
MingW and Msys. There doesn’t seem to be a standard, syncronized
distribution of MingW, so we tried several versions of each individual
package. We encountered different compile & link errors with each
trial. We used the latest released binary version of ruby (1.8.4),
compiled with MingW, and we used the latest release of PostgreSQL.

We must be overlooking something… Has anyone successfully built and
installed plruby for Pg under Windows? If so, what did your development
environment look like?

Many thanks!
Tom A.

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