Building Jruby 1.5.1


   I am trying to integrate jruby into an application. For this

these are the following steps I am following.

-> create a maven project
-> I have a manually downloaded JRuby 1.5.1 zip file.
-> I unzip it into a directory using maven ant run plugin.
-> Then build it by calling the ant build file.

For some reason the build fails with the following error. I am unable to
understand where the dependency is missing. The project builds fine as a

I have posted the question on Maven mailing list, but didn’t find a
resolution so far. Here is that post.

Any help is appreciated.

Do you really mean 1.5.1? That’s an ancient version of JRuby. 1.6.5
is the current release.

James M. wrote in post #1029242:

Do you really mean 1.5.1? That’s an ancient version of JRuby. 1.6.5
is the current release.


 I am in the process of mavenizing a project that uses 1.5.1. I 

could problably upgrade to 1.6.5 in later as this might be too much to
deal with right now. But I am putting that off for later, i.e. once I
complete the conversion.


Thanks for the reply Kristian. I stumbled across that plugin, so I
thought I could use it when I replace 1.5.1.

For now I developed a shell script which I can configure using maven
exec plugin. Eventually, once I am done with the mavenization, I can
think about 1.6.x and maven-dependency-plugin.


hmm, with jruby-1.6.x you could this:

downloading and unzipping of zip file which is in a maven repository
can be done with maven-dependency-plugin. an example for this you can
find here

just use
groupId : org.jruby
artifactId : jruby-dist
classifier : bin
type : zip
and choose your download directory.

maybe that helps to get to jruby-1.6.x first :wink:

  • Kristian

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