Building expressions in strings

Hi list,

In my program I need to combine together two Ruby expressions with
a binary operator or apply an unary one on an expression. The
are given in strings and the returned expression is a String too.

def binary(exp1, op, exp2)
if %i[ + - * ** & | && || ].member? op
“(#{exp1}) #{op} (#{exp2})” # infix format
“(#{exp1}).#{op}(#{exp2})” # method call format

I would like to know if there’s a simple way to eliminate the safety
if they are not necessary. binary(“1 + 1”, :*, “2 + 2”) needs the
parentheses, but
binary(“1 + 1”, :+, “2 + 2”) doesn’t.

Can Ripper or any additional gem elevate the main operator (I mean the
operator that would
be evaluated lastly) in an expression to make it possible to check

How do I know if I really need the parentheses before the . in the
call format line?

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