Building an app to manage media files

lI’m trying to develop an app to manage media files I have a folder with
pictures, audio and video files I’m using Dir.glob to list the directory
my controller and in my views i’m using match with regular expressions
test if the file ends in mp3 jpg mp4 3gp wav etc … the code i wrote
to almost work The variable @file is passed on from the controller and
here’s my view Is this a sensible way of trying to do this?

<% if @file.match(“mp4”) %>

type="video/mp4"> <% elsif @file.match("mp3") %> > <% elsif @file.match("jpg") %> "> <% end %>

On 17 April 2016 at 23:26, fugee ohu [email protected] wrote:

<% elsif @file.match("mp3") %> <% elsif @file.match("jpg") %> <% end %>

Do you have a File model? If so then provide either instance or class
methods to do the file type testing rather than having code for them
in the view. If you don’t have a File model then create one (not
ActiveRecord based) to manage the logic.