Building a standalone application with RoR


I have to code a small application for a car repair shop running under
Windows (98 SE but may be my client could upgrade to 2000) and using RoR
is my definite choise !

The app will be powered by WebRick (which is enough powerfull for a
small app used by only ONE user at a time)

My questions are targeted to the best database to use… I had a look to
SQLite and Firebird but support for both of them is not yet complete
under RoR

Which of these one is the best choice under RoR ? Is there another
choice for an embeddable database ? I would prefer to avoid MySQL in
that case…


I use sqlite3 in a small production site and I’ve not had any
problems. I haven’t run into any areas where Rails support of sqlite
was “incomplete.” My deployment environment is FreeBSD. YMMV on


It seems ( that sqlite doesn’t
support the DROP COLUMN statement… Was it a problem for you (in
migration file or even in development process if not using Rails
migrations) ?

I didn’t hit that in the particular application I was referencing. I
only recently updated it to 1.0 from 0.12. Since the schema was
already defined, my only migration file is 001_. But thanks for the
heads up; I will look into that.

BTW have you tried a remove_column migration with sqlite3? If so, what
were your results? This ticket from long ago indicates remove_column
works with sqlite.

I will try it later.


SQLite3 works fine for my project. Use RubyScript2Exe and Tar2Ruby and
can build a nice installable, self-contained application for your users.

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