Build Social Network with Ruby on Rails

I am new to Ruby on Rails.
I am planning to start building a social network using ROR.
What’s the best framework or platform to be used?
I have heard good things about Diaspora. Has anyone tried it before? Any
limitations? Any other platforms you would suggest.
Thank you in advance.

Yes yo can fork Diaspora and contribute to it. But first concentrate on
developing your Ruby on Rails skill.

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ROR, is a framework, you can study more and you can build everything!!!

I’m also planning similar, but have concern on using Diaspora as the
backbone. The best way to find out whether it suits your need is to
fork a
copy and deploy it by yourself and play with it for a while to have your
own conclusion. As Karthikeyan suggest you (and me included) shoudl
concentrate on developing RoR skill first.

Wish your test goes well and would like to hear from your feedback.

Thanks for your responses.

What I am wondering it’s whether Diaspora can work as a platform to
build a social network on (the same way Insoshi and Lovdbyless are). I
have been doing some research on the project but it’s not clear to me
whether it can be used for that purpose or not.

I have never used this but remember running across it a while ago and it
still appears to be active

Of course you will still need to do work on it, but it is a base.

A social network framework in Rails quite active:

El 10/01/13 08:31, Jeffrey J. escribi:

I just saw that Lovdbyless and it seems very good. My advice would be,
use Lovdbyless. Diaspora follow a different concept of social network.

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