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I updated build-gnuradio this evening to bring in the support for hackrf for

A quick note about the libhackrf users: Since it’s still pretty recent
there are still changes to the USB protocol and firmware, so if you
build the version from master, you must also install an ARM toolchain,
rebuild and flash the firmware before attempting to use it or you will
face weird failures.

If you don’t want to bother recompiling the firmware, use libhackrf at
tag ‘2013.06.1’ and then you can download the “release package” from
Best Open Source Mac Hardware Platforms 2023 and it contains a precompiled
binary you just need to flash.

Note that you will most likely need to flash the board either way
because the firmware that comes pre-loaded will be too old. Using the
release version allows you to avoid the hassle of installing a
toolchain and compiling the ARM firmware.