Bug? Inconsistent url encoding in X-Accel-Redirect

I believe I’ve found an inconsistency in url encoding of
X-Accel-Redirect requests.

The URL that I’m providing in my X-Accel-Redirect header looks something

When this is supplied to nginx, the PATH part of the url gets url
encoded, however the parameters are passed untouched to the upstream
(sniffed with wireshark):

GET /Green%2520Apple.gif?param1=TzJPvoCEV34&param2=U%2F8%3D

(everything BEFORE the ? is urlencoded, the params are not)

I have a really, really gross hack where I only url encode the
parameters to be supplied, and leave the path alone, then pass to nginx
but this seems like a bug to me.

It would be convenient to have greater control of the the
X-Accel-Redirect urlencoding process; there are some times when I’d like
to supply a pre-encoded URL and pass it unchanged to the upstream.

I have tried this in 0.7.6, believe it also occurs in 0.6.x

bmoran -a-t- onehub.com

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