Bug in text_helper.rb


I think there’s a logical mistake in ActionViews text_helper.rb. The
TextHelper modul defines the methods textilize and
textilize_without_paragraph in a begin rescue block that calls
require_library_or_gem “redcloth”.
The problem is, that this call will always fail and the methods will
never be defined when you install RedCloth as a plugin under
That is because text_helper.rb is loaded before
/vendor/plugins/RedCloth-x.x.x/lib is in the loadpath.

So you’re stuck to having the gem for RedCloth installed, or copy
redcloth.rb to the vendor/ directory which is in the loadpath on time.
(comments appreciated)

Btw. reading the source for require_library_or_gem I was wondering if
the last call shouldn’t read >require_gem library_name< instead of

require gem< ?

I’m using rails 1.1.2. This is my first post to the rails community and
it should not end without mentioning that rails seriously rocks !!!

Thx :slight_smile: