Bug in net/http.rb


Hi all,

I think I found a bug in net/http.rb. I am not sure this list is the
one for submitting a bug report, but I hasn’t found any explicit
on what to do with found bugs.

The problem is with using https through proxy server (only this

  • http works and https without proxy too). I managed to make it work by
    replacing the following line in the method “HTTP.request”:

      req.exec @socket, @curr_http_version, edit_path(req.path), body

With this one:

    req.exec @socket, @curr_http_version, req.path, body

The edit_path function adds “https://hostname/” (in case of https) to
path which I find wrong (you just send "GET " through the wire,
the whole uri).

Can someone explain it to me or fix it?

Oleg Bondarenko