Bug in Gtk::Treeview#row_expanded



I don’t know where to report these bugs. Please let me know.

I found this bug when using Gtk::Treeview#row_expanded. The method
doesn’t return a valid iter.

def self__row_expanded(view, iter, path)
#iter = model.get_iter(path)
VR::msg( iter[2] )

This causes this error:

get_value': undefined methodget_value’ for nil:NilClass
self__row_expanded' from /home/eric/vrp/vrlib3/lib/GladeGUI.rb:163:incall’
from /home/eric/vrp/vrlib3/lib/GladeGUI.rb:163:in block (2 levels) in parse_signals' from /home/eric/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.0/gems/gobject-introspection-3.0.8/lib/gobject-introspection/loader.rb:551:ininvoke’
block in define_method' from /home/eric/vrp/vr3/visualruby_examples/filetreeview/bin/FileTreeView.rb:51:inrefresh’

If I uncomment the line where I reassign the iter variable using the
model#get_iter method, it works perfectly.

I’d like to work more closely with the people who work on Ruby/Gtk.
Please let me know who you are.

Thanks for all your great work!