Bug in gr_pll_carriertracking.cc

I have the latest gnuradio release and I think the phase error
in gr_pll_carriertracking.cc might be wrong.

In Line 107 the phase error is calculated as,
error = phase_detector(iptr[i],d_phase);

whereas, I think it should be as shown below as the phase error is
calculated from the signal that has been corrected in phase.
error = phase_detector(optr[i],d_phase);

Am I right?

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 10:12 AM, Marcus M rem[email protected] wrote:

Am I right?

My bad. The phase_detector() function returns the difference. Ignore this


Heh, sometimes you have to e-mail a public list before any of it makes
sense. Happens to me all the time =)


The last time I did this I had written the routine …



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