Bug in gr_modtool with v3.6.4

We just discovered a bug with gr_modtool in version 3.6.4 of GNU
Radio. Turns out that there is an extra comma that turns a string into
a tuple. With the new C++ implementation of the preferences handler,
this causes a bug when trying to run the ‘newmod’ tool of gr_modtool.

The patch is very simple and shown below. Make that one line (one
character, even) change and reinstall (from gr-utils, you can just run
‘sudo make install’ to do this very quickly).

Sorry for any inconvenience. We’ll get a patched version ( out

diff --git a/gr-utils/src/python/modtool/modtool_newmod.py
index 102d83d…0613d5f 100644
— a/gr-utils/src/python/modtool/modtool_newmod.py
+++ b/gr-utils/src/python/modtool/modtool_newmod.py
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ class ModToolNewModule(ModTool):
print ‘The given directory exists.’
if options.srcdir is None:

  •        options.srcdir = 


  •        options.srcdir = 

self._srcdir = gr.prefs().get_string(‘modtool’,
‘newmod_path’, options.srcdir)
if not os.path.isdir(self._srcdir):
print ‘Error: Could not find gr-newmod source dir.’


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