BUG in dispatch.rb?

I split a controller into two today so that it would be simpler to put
part of my app under SSL. The app with two controllers works fine under
1.1.2. And it worked fine under 1.2.1 when the code was all in the one
controller. But it don’t work worth a damn under 1.2.1 with the code in
two controllers. Based on the error trace, it looks like there may be a
problem with the new version of dispatch.rb. I’ve got a very repeatable
pattern going on. Don’t understand it, but can definitely reproduce it.

  1. start mongrel
  2. browse to ‘write_xml’ action in new controller
    Get error: NameError (cannot remove Object::Parent)
    (trace shows it left dispatch.rb at line 40)
  3. close browser
  4. in new browser, browse to same action, same controller
    Get NEW error: ActionController::UnknownAction (No action responded to
    (trace shows it left dispatch.rb at line 41 this time)

Other than requisite changes in some link and redirect_to calls, I
didn’t change any of the code in splitting up the controller. Just cut
\ pasted some of the actions out of the existing controller and into a
new one and copied the controllers to the site. Anybody got any ideas
what is going on here?