Bug? grc xml file throws error when <param> elements out of order

I’m getting the following error when opening gnuradio-companion on my
hand-coded blocks:

ERROR:VALID:DTD_NOT_PCDATA: Element block was declared #PCDATA but
contains non text nodes

I’m seeing it when I do the following in the xml file:

vlen vlen int 128

When I correct the block to look like this:

vlen vlen 128 int

The error goes away. Is this expected behavior? The only difference
is how I order the tags inside the param blocks.


Hi Jared,

this is how the XML validation works, yes. It’s probably just an
artifact of whatever XML parser we’re using, but we’ve all gotten used
to it.


On Fri, Oct 04, 2013 at 12:46:54PM -0600, Jared C. wrote:


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