Bug: gr-qtgui: wrong design of variable-type blocks for GRC (category /GUI Widgets/QT)

I faced with buggy behavior of ‘QT GUI Label’ in my GRC graph and
surprisingly found that GRC generates code making prohibited accesses to
gui objects from non-gui thread context. I’m not python guru, but I
that python is smart enough to detect access to qt objects from
threads and invoke them properly via qt-specific mechanisms. Similar
observed when widgets slots (executing in main thread context) call
variable-changer functions which in turn invoking callbacks of blocks*.

I suppose all blocks in /GUI Widgets/QT category aren’t thread-safe and
shouldn’t be used until this issue has been fixed.

  • Block’s external interfaces(callbacks) are expected to be guarded
    internally, but I still didn’t found no block in gr packages, I working
    with, which follow this rule. Maybe swig-generated python interface
    all accesses already? If not, GRC user should be so much careful, that
    have to check generated code. IMHO, it reduces GRC usefullness

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posted partial bugfix to github (pull request #122)

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Sent from the GnuRadio mailing list archive at Nabble.com.

On Thu, Dec 26, 2013 at 6:19 AM, Artem P. [email protected]

posted partial bugfix to github (pull request #122)


Thanks. I’ve got this queued up with a few other patches and am just
waiting on confirmation on one more thing (holiday delays) before it
gets pushed.


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