Bug fixing between gem releases

Not sure how to word this …

  1. I’ve release my first gem. So now when I am doing bug fixes, since my
    code points to the gem (earlier it had a path statement in the first
    line), should i be recreating and installing the gem each time. Or
    should I copy and overwrite the source files in the gem folder. I am so
    used to just changing the code and running that I keep wondering why the
    source change is not having effect.

  2. I would like to accumulate a few minor changes and fixes before i
    create the next version of the gem. However, i want the user to be able
    to avail on a nightly basis to snapshots. What do people do in this

a) just push to GIT and let user download from git.
b) upload a snapshot tgz somewhere - is there a norm for this on

Thanks for your thoughts.