Bug, Feature, Question tracking system


I am a young developer finishing my apprenticeship(vocational
education in Germany) next week on Friday. I am using mostly VB.Net at
work, some Perl, PHP and C++. I “found” Ruby last summer and I fell in
love with it(mostly because of _why’s awesome online book). I had the
chance to use Ruby for my final project. This paragraph is just to say
thank you to the mailing list, Matz for creating this beautiful and
fun language and the community for showing me many gems and Gems of

I am looking for a bug tracking, feature request and question tracking
system. Question tracking can be seperated, but it would be great if
there’s an application which can do all of it.
I’d like to introduce a bug and feature tracking system to keep
everyone on the same status about a project. We don’t use one yet, so
I want to give it a try myself before I set up my own and work with it
a bit before speak with the boss. (“It’s easier to ask forgiveness
than it is to get permission”, Grace Hopper)
I am learning at a small IT business selling software and
hardware(mostly converters between TCP/IP, Bluetooth, RS232 and USB).
Customers call many times daily to ask the same questions about the
same products. It’d be great if we could collect the questions, answer
them one time, write it down and then reuse and re-evaluate the
answer, perhaps create a FAQ for certain products.

Kind regards,


On Jan 7, 2008 8:39 AM, Thomas W. wrote:

Thanks! It is nearly what I am looking for.
I am looking for a solution that I can install on a local server and
make it available to my co-workers. We develop here mostly
closed-source programs.
I just found Trac(forgot how to spell it) again at
http://trac.edgewall.org/. It seems like a good system to me. Has
anyone any experience with it?


Trac is a very good choice if you want to run it on your own server
and potentially customize it. One example of it in use, with
customized styling is the Camping Web Microframework

Trac is quite mature and sounds like it will work well for your needs.

Daniel Brumbaugh K.