(bug) auto_complete_for has no support for umlauts!

i wanted to file a bug in the rubyonrails trac, since trac is currently
broken, i am writing this here. maybe there is a solution allready:

auto_complete_for has no support for umlauts. this i a very big problem
for non-english developers out there, since almost everything searched
for contains umlauts.

  • searching by umlauts is not possible
  • displaying of the found entries is screwed

see also

escape the search and the results.

affected file:

auto_complete_for has no support for umlauts.

after trying everything from the wiki.rubyonrails.org pages

the solution was quite trivial.

  1. check that the database encoding is UTF8 (in PostgreSQL: Unicode) -
    sqlite on win32 should not be a problem

  2. add a meta value to serve unicode documents to your layout

tried everywhere with mongrel, works perfectly with umlauts (don’t
forget that you english speaking ppl might use the term “doppelgänger”
which is an english term with umlauts!)

this should also work for apache.

hope some other guys also post solutions, since i found loooooots of
unanswered questions on this list/forum.