Bug and workaround: Extra bullet or extra (blank) list item added after end of your list


Suppose you have a Textile document that ends in a list,
but has several (say, four or more) blank lines after the last list

==== begin hypothetical document ====

  • I am a short list.

==== after end of hypothetical document ====

An extra bullet (or extra blank list item) is added
to the end of your list.

I found this using Redcloth 4.2.2.
You can reproduce this with http://redcloth.org/try-redcloth

The bug can be produced with both bulleted (*) and numbered (#) lists.


Either will work:

  • Don’t have several blank lines on the end of a document
    following a list. (The “Don’t do that!” workaround :slight_smile: )
  • Place invisible text after the end of a document-ending list,
    such as an HTML ‘non-breaking space character entity’.
    (Actual text:  
    Attempt to represent it to be visible in some wonky HTML email:

Anyway, I thought a few people might run into the bug and need a
hint towards a workaround.

Also, I thought it was an interesting bug. :slight_smile: