Bug #496 (DRb slow)

Since I don’t have access to Ruby-core, I’ll just post a couple
observations here in the hope of giving someone a head start with this

I have experienced the same problem as the original poster (Hongli L.)
i.e. a 5 second lag at start up using DRb.start_service() on Ubuntu 7 &
8 so I did a simple test this afternoon.

require ‘drb’
require ‘benchmark’

puts Benchmark.measure { DRb.start_service() }

This consistently yielded this sort of result iteration after iteration:

0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 ( 5.020901)

This implies that the delay (5 seconds in my case) is occurring outside
of Benchmark’s scope i.e. in an external service.

On a hunch, I turned off the Multicast DNS service discovery (AKA
and re-ran the simple Benchmark.

The results are now consistently like so:

0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 ( 0.170901)

Apparently, avahi-daemon is somehow involved in the delay and review of
configuration show what seem to be stub files.

Upon further investigation, the Ubuntu systems that I have that were
configured with Ubuntu-server (rather than Ubuntu-client) did not have
avahi-daemon installed and/or running and these did not experience any
start-up delay.

Briefly, DRb.start_service() and ubuntu-client systems with the
avahi-daemon appear to interact poorly. I suspect the default
configuration of the avahi-daemon but don’t had the time (presently) to
investigate further.

Regards all…

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