[Bug #3568] /(?<=a).*b/ =~ "aab" doesn't match

Bug #3568: /(?<=a).*b/ =~ “aab” doesn’t match

e$B5/I<<Te(B: Yui NARUSE
e$B%9%F!<%?%9e(B: Open, e$BM%@hEYe(B: Normal
e$BC4Ev<Te(B: Yui NARUSE, e$B%+%F%4%je(B: core, Target version: 1.9.2
ruby -v: ruby 1.9.3dev (2010-07-13 trunk 28624) [x86_64-freebsd8.1]


e$B%A%1%C%He(B #3568 e$B$,99?7$5$l$^$7$?!#e(B (by Yui NARUSE)

e$B%9%F!<%?%9e(B Opene$B$+$ie(BClosede$B$KJQ99e(B
e$B?JD=e(B % 0e$B$+$ie(B100e$B$KJQ99e(B

This issue was solved with changeset r28648.
Yui, thank you for reporting this issue.
Your contribution to Ruby is greatly appreciated.
May Ruby be with you.