[Bug #1865] uninitialized class variable @@accept_charset in CGI

Bug #1865: uninitialized class variable @@accept_charset in CGI

e$B5/I<<Te(B: Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
e$B%9%F!<%?%9e(B: Open, e$BM%@hEYe(B: Normal
e$BC4Ev<Te(B: Takeyuki F., e$B%+%F%4%je(B: lib
ruby -v: ruby 1.9.2dev (2009-08-03 trunk 24359) [i686-linux]

cgi/util e$B$rD>@\e(B require e$B$7$Fe(B CGI.unescape e$B$r;H$&$He(B
NameError e$B$K$J$j$^$9!#e(B

% ruby-trunk -v -r cgi/util -e ‘CGI.unescape("")’
ruby 1.9.2dev (2009-08-03 trunk 24359) [i686-linux]
/home/kazu/opt/ruby-trunk/lib/ruby/1.9.1/cgi/util.rb:15:in unescape': uninitialized class variable @@accept_charset in CGI (NameError) from -e:1:in

e$B%A%1%C%He(B #1865 e$B$,99?7$5$l$^$7$?!#e(B (by Takeyuki F.)

e$B%9%F!<%?%9e(B Opene$B$+$ie(BClosede$B$KJQ99e(B
e$B?JD=e(B % 0e$B$+$ie(B100e$B$KJQ99e(B

Applied in changeset r25231.


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