[Bug:1.9] rake --help の出力が不足している

okkez e$B$G$9!#e(B

e$B0J2<$N$h$&$Ke(B rake --help e$B$N@bL@$,IT==J,$G$9!#e(B

help e$B$O@bL@$,$J$$!#e(B
rakefile e$B$O0z?t$r<h$k$N$KB>$N0z?t$H0c$C$F%*%W%7%g%s$N9T$Ke(B FILE


$ ./ruby -v
ruby 1.9.0 (2008-08-26 revision 16261) [i686-linux]
$ ./rake --help
rake [-f rakefile] {options} targets

Options are

classic-namespace (-C)
Put Task and FileTask in the top level namespace
describe (-D)
Describe the tasks (matching optional PATTERN), then exit.
dry-run (-n)
Do a dry run without executing actions.
help (-h)
libdir=LIBDIR (-I)
Include LIBDIR in the search path for required modules.
nosearch (-N)
Do not search parent directories for the Rakefile.
prereqs (-P)
Display the tasks and dependencies, then exit.
quiet (-q)
Do not log messages to standard output.
rakefile (-f)
Use FILE as the rakefile.
rakelibdir=RAKELIBDIR (-R)
Auto-import any .rake files in RAKELIBDIR. (default is rakelib)
require=MODULE (-r)
Require MODULE before executing rakefile.
silent (-s)
Like --quiet, but also suppresses the in directory announcement.
tasks (-T)
Display the tasks (matching optional PATTERN) with descriptions,
then exit.
trace (-t)
Turn on invoke/execute tracing, enable full backtrace.
verbose (-v)
Log message to standard output (default).
version (-V)
Display the program version.


e$B%A%1%C%He(B #519 e$B$,99?7$5$l$^$7$?!#e(B (by Nobuyoshi N.)

e$B%9%F!<%?%9e(B Opene$B$+$ie(BClosede$B$KJQ99e(B
e$B?JD=e(B % 0e$B$+$ie(B100e$B$KJQ99e(B

Applied in changeset r18936.