Broken RDT?


I just updated RDT and errors appear in the Test::Unit view and
Resources view. Below you can see the errors and versions I’m running.
Is anyone running into the same problem? Have you been able to fix it?


Unable to create view: Plug-in org.rubypeople.rdt.testunit was unable
to load class org.rubypeople.rdt.internal.testunit.ui.TestUnitView

Unable to create view: Plug-in org.rubypeople.rdt.ui was unable to
load class

Eclipse SDK
Version: 3.2.2
Build id: M20070212-1330

Ruby Development Tools version:

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You didn’t mention the JVM version that you’re running, so I’m
suspecting that is the issue. The 9.0.X version requires a 1.5 JVM and
the error messages you listed are exactly waht I saw when attempting to
run them under a 1.4 JVM.


  • install the 1.5 SDK
  • ensure the v1.5 java executable is first in your path
  • launch eclipse, recheck the plugin by going to window->prefs->ruby