(brazilian) Portuguese Tutorial


Hey all,

I’ve launched in this morning a new site, that aims to help brazilian
programmers to become Rails programmers. Currently, I’ve wrote just few
mini-articles about concepts behind Rails and a tutorial. Difference
from this tutorial to others:

  • Its in portuguese
  • It shows some “best-practices” (at least, to me :slight_smile: )
  • Uses some new features (migrations)
  • Uses plugins (localization)

The url: http://rails.jkcosta.info

So, if you can read portuguese and have some time, I’ll appreciate your
feedback :slight_smile:

juraci krohling costa
juca [the at sign] jkcosta dot info


Terrific content, very good!


valeu juca!

by the way, I’m looking for other blogs like yours, as well as mailing
lists and IRC channels, for brazilian railers…

hmm, maybe I’ll start another thread about this :slight_smile:

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