Braid 0.5 - vendor branch management tool

= Braid

Braid is a simple tool to help track git and svn vendor branches in a
git repository.

This is a major release that brings two main features (no more braid/
track branch and better merging support) and lots of usability
changes, bugfixes and tweaks.

The braid project page has now moved to github, mainly because we
wanted to use the wiki for documentation.

Braid now also has a google group. If you have questions or ideas
about braid, please subscribe.

= Installing

gem install braid

= Important changes from 0.4

  • removed braid/track branch
  • use merge-recursive to allow changes from upstream to be
    automatically merged in
  • added local cache to workaround git fetch limitations

= Other changes from 0.4

  • improved messages
  • refactoring all around
  • moved to test/spec from rspec
  • basic integration tests

= Coming soon in braid 0.6

  • braid switch
  • braid format-patch
  • braid import
  • braid outdated
  • braid list
  • bash completion
  • possibly, windows compatibility

On Oct 29, 11:25 am, Cristi B. [email protected] wrote:

wanted to use the wiki for documentation.

GitHub: Let’s build from here · GitHub

What does this actually do?

braid add git:// lib/grit

Does it clone the whole grit repository into lib/grit? I’ve read
through the docs and see nothing that explains this. Of cource, I
could just try it but I’d like to know what I’m getting into :wink: