Bottom Up ORM / scaffolding

I am a total newbie to ruby on rails, but have been investigating it
and ruby and ruby on rails seem to have a LOT of things i really like
about a programming language… liked most of it… except 1 thing…

And that is ruby on rails scaffolding, it build up ur basic model view
controller from the database! I really dont like that…

I am the kind of developer that likes to design his application object
oriented (UML), and base the application on that… not on the database
that i derive from the object model…

By building ruby objects bottom up from the database i loose all kinds
of things, like generalization, association classes, interfaces…

Probably this can all be re-adjusted after scaffolding, but im looking
for the perfect language to sink my head in… with everything i like…
possibly build my career on it.

Can somebody tell me if i am right about what im saying about ruby on
rails scaffolding or not?


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