Bot-Away v2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of Bot-Away has been released.

Once added to a project, Bot-Away silently, unobtrusively works to
prevent submissions by spambots on your Rails application. It employs a
variety of techniques to bewilder automated spam bots, and hooks into
the ActionDispatch middleware to validate the data being sent.

Bot-Away makes the assumption that a human user should never have to
“prove they’re human” because that is both frustrating and demeaning to
the honest customer. Bot-Away instead reverses this role, placing the
burden of proof squarely upon the shoulders of the automated spam bot.

Bot-Away v1.2 will still receive bugfixes and is compatible with Rails
v2.3.x, but is no longer under active development. Version 2.0 is the
best candidate for use within Rails 3 applications and includes some
significant new features.

For much more information, including the changelog, please visit:

A note on Bot-Away’s Reliability:

I’ve been using this gem on my Rails-based blog since early 2010 and
have yet to receive a single spam comment. Not one. On the other hand,
my other, non-Rails-based blog has only been live for a few months and
gets dozens of spam comments every day…