Boston area GNUradio / USRP meetup?

I’ve counted just among people who I’ve met, two groups at Harvard and
two groups at MIT who are using or plan to use GNUradio on the USRP. I
know of a couple of others who are interested in using it but are
waiting for a bit more software to be available for amateur radio use.

I wonder if an in-person meetup would be useful, or at least enjoyable.
For the academics, it’s probably best to do this between semesters, in
January. I can arrange a space for up to fifteen or so people at the
Harvard Wireless Club without any hassle, could probably get a bigger
room if need be. But I am not insisting it be at Harvard.

Topics I’d like to cover would be a show-n-tell of the USRP2, some info
on other gnuradio devices, perhaps short summaries by each participant
of their projects or interests, and perhaps even an in-depth
presentation. Lastly, we could have a ‘swap-meet’ where boards are
bought-sold-traded, cables, enclosures, antennas, components, etc.

It could also be a good place for personal inter-networking. business
card exchange and so forth.

If you think this is a good idea or bad, etc., air your views here on
the forum. If you just want to say “I am interested”, drop me some
private email. Once we get a core group of people who would be working
on this, I’d move traffic off this list in order to keep the noise down.

Bob K.
Harvard University
rkeyes at fas dot harvard dot edu

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