Books on Ajax Design

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone could recommend good books or other resources
on designing AJAX applications ? I am looking primarily for the
principles behind designing and modelling the AJAX interactions rather
than specifically how to perform a particular technical function.

Naturally, if these resources use RoR or even another MVC framework for
illustration, then that will be just dandy :wink: - but it’s not a
requirement. I have found that there are plenty of good resources from a
technical Rails POV that give detailed guidance on how to implement
AJAX-type behaviour, but few give a comprehensive overall view of the
design principles.

Thanks for any help


There’s many books about ajax, maybe you should try googling or visit
some blog sites here like {^M_E^}

“Object Oriented Antioxide”

Ajax Design Patterns (O’Rielly):
Ajax on Rails (O’Rielly):

I have the latter and it has several good insights that are
independent of Rails.

On Apr 29, 5:58 am, Visit Indonesia 2008 <rails-mailing-l…@andreas-

I enjoyed Pragmatic Ajax.


ncancelliere wrote:

I enjoyed Pragmatic Ajax.


Thanks for the help Reinhart, Andy and Nicholas. Will give all of those
a try.


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