BlueFeather 0.20 released


Hello, my name is Dice. I’m rubyist in Japan.

I have released BlueFeather 0.20. This software is extended Markdown
based on BlueCloth 1.0.0.

These are changes from BlueFeather 0.10.

  • Adapt to ruby 1.9.x series! And so encoding handling rule was clearly

  • Add --force option to command-line tool. If you use it, target files
    converted despite modified time.

  • Extend TOC format for specifing header-level.


BlueFeather Manual:

zip archive (139KB)

RubyForge Project Page

BlueFeather is software for converting text written by extended
Markdown like
PHP Markdown Extra to html. It is pair of command-line tool and pure
library. (It adapts to ruby 1.8.x and 1.9.x)

BlueFeather is based on BlueCloth 1.0.0. And that, some extensions is
added –
known bug fix, changing interface and extension of Markdown syntax.
Especially, it imported many extension from PHP Markdown Extra –
definition list, footnote, table, and others.

This software is such as alpha edition, so it is unstable yet. But, I
will improve actively it. Please try BlueFeather!

If you want to send requests, comments, or bug reports to BlueFeather,
please feel free to contact me.