BlueFeather 0.10 (first) released


Hello, my name is Dice. I’m rubyist in Japan.

I have released new software, BlueFeather. This software is extended
Markdown converter based on BlueCloth.


BlueFeather Manual:

zip archive (130KB)

(The way to install with RubyGems is not enabled yet. But, it may be
enabled in the near future.)

BlueFeather is software for converting text written by extended
Markdown like
PHP Markdown Extra to html. It is pair of command-line tool and pure
library. (It adapts to only ruby 1.8.x at current version, because
matters of multibyte characters are unsolved.)

BlueFeather is based on BlueCloth 1.0.0. And that, some extensions is
added –
known bug fix, changing interface and extension of Markdown syntax.
Especially, it imported many extension from PHP Markdown Extra –
definition list, footnote, table, and others.

This software is such as alpha edition, so it is unstable yet. But, I
will improve actively it. Please try BlueFeather!

If you want to send requests, comments, or bug reports to BlueFeather,
please feel free to contact me.