Blogging Platform suggestions?


First of all, I would like to apologize for being off-topic.

As you can see in my signature, I have a Portuguese language blog on
Blogger/Blogspot, but I haven’t been very satisfied with this platform
lately. It has started throwing exceptions in my face when I try to
post something, so I think it’s time to move. Since so many people
here have blogs, I would like to ask for your recommendation of a
better platform/hosting service.

I know there’s been a theory talked about lately that the best thing
to do is to build your own blog and host it, and this is something I
would like to do in the future, but I’m looking for a somewhat quicker
solution right now :). I’d like to use a free hosted service that
supports code syntax highlighting, and is reasonably flexible in terms
of theme and layout customization. Having the ability to import from
Blogger is a plus. I’m leaning a bit towards Wordpress right now, as
it seems to fill most of these criteria, but I’m wondering if there
isn’t some hip new thing somewhere out there :).

Again, sorry for the noise. Please reply privately if you think a
public response would further pollute the list.


I have a blog for my friends and me on my own webspace in German,
driven by Wordpress. It works quite well. Just a lot of pictures and a
short text. Pictures are hosted at Picasaweb and shown in an iframe.
Not the best solution, but it works fine for us:
Seite nicht gefunden – Wieczos Blog.

I am planning to get a programming blog done with
rassmalog[]. Is a Ruby project to create a
static blog, supports many template engines and syntax highlightning.
Sounds interesting and I can do something with Ruby.

Regards, Thomas

On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 11:36:43PM +0900, Bira wrote:

Again, sorry for the noise. Please reply privately if you think a
public response would further pollute the list.

I’ve been running a personal weblog with WordPress for a long time. It
has its ups and downs. Among the downs are some of the asinine
assumptions it makes about what the user wants to do, the spaghetti code
under the hood, and the tendency of upgrades for security patches to
break stuff. Among the upsides are things like the fact it’s not
Blogger, or LiveJournal, which are even worse.

Whatever you do, avoid using a weblog service. Get some shared
hosting (with SFTP for secure file transfers) at least, and run your own
weblog software. Many Blogger and LiveJournal don’t realize the
frustration that readers who are not Blogger or LiveJournal users
encounter when trying to deal with these services.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that I should write my own weblog
software. I intend to start a second personal weblog and write the
software as I go. This one will, at least initially, be specifically a
development weblog, and be used to chronicle the process of writing the
software for, um, itself. At least, that’s the plan at this time.
I’ll probably just maintain the old one with WordPress as an archive of
my old material after I get the software written to the point where I
restart my general-purpose personal weblog without giving up any needed