Blog Commenting

Does anyone have a good example of a commenting implementation
currently working in Radiant?

I would love to see an example or two understanding that right now,
until something to do it is included in core, commenting is going to
be a hack.


Loren J.
[email protected]


If you’re using 0.5.2, you can use my comments behaviors: . They have
basic commenting functionality, store the comments as child pages, and
can use Akismet for spam filtering.

If you want to use the mental branch, I intend to port them over “soon”.


Sean – I grabbed commentable the other day from the repo without
issue but needed to grab it again today and it seems the repository
is down?

As for porting the behavior to a page type I’m probably going to do
just that today once I can check-out the code again. I had started on
it last week but got waylaid.

Have you made any more progress on this front? Do you have time to
work together on it?

If not I can just get it as far as I need and then send you a diff to
look over.



Yeah, somehow I borked the SVN repo while trying to switch my website
over to Mongrel. It’s still there, just not accessible. I’m going to
submit another ticket and see what the TxD gurus can do.

However, I am considering a complete rewrite. Since we can easily have
custom models and controllers now, we could circumvent the need to have
the two-page redirect circle and grandchild pages and just postback to a
controller instead. I’d also like to have a nice admin interface where
you can sift through comments, both accepted and spam, and either mark
as ‘ham’ or as ‘spam’ so Akismet can get better at catching them.
Anyway, full-featured blogging support is on the roadmap for 0.7, so I’m
sure there will be contributions from the rest of the core team as well.


That sounds right, sound great. I will hack it in as-is (if I can do
it in an hour or two stumbling around) as I need something right now
and don’t want to backup to 0.52 at this point in our release.