Blacklist patterns not working?


I get lots of trackback spams nowadays. I’ve been trying to use
Blacklist Patterns in typo admin to filter them but I can’t get them
to work.

For example to filter a trackback ping like this:

Blog Name: online-gambling-casino
Title: online-gambling-casino
Excerpt: He stops walking and looks …

I tried using RegexPattern “[Cc]asino” and StringPattern “casino”.

But it doesn’t get filtered. Am I missing something, or does the
Blacklist Patterns not work for trackbacks?


Dae San

Dae San H.
[email protected]

They should be applied to both comments and trackbacks. Are you
running the latest trunk, or are a bit behind?

If you’re using the trunk (or 3.99.4), then look at turning on
Akismet; it should make a huge difference.


I updated to the latest trunk but blacklist still isn’t working for
trackbacks… (I haven’t been getting spam comments yet.)

Turning on Akismet seems to help quite a bit. Thanks for the tip,
Scott! :slight_smile:

Dae San

Dae San H.
[email protected]

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