Bizarre interaction problem between acts_as_authenticated and a flash mp3 player

I’m getting an odd problem where a flash movie (a simple mp3 player)
does not load up correctly if a user is not logged in with an admin
role. I’m using Acts As Authenticated and RoleRequirement plugins.
After a day of debugging, this problem appears to be linked to the
following code in acts as authenticated.

def self.included(base)
base.send :helper_method, :current_user, :logged_in?

The flash file is just held in public, and whilst it does load it
shows incorrectly and wont play any mp3 files - works fine when logged
in as an admin (and yes its not access rights on the mp3 files).

Has anyone else encountered any odd behaviour like this, I’m at a
loss. Neither the View nor Layout code contain references to
current_user or logged_in? functions, I’ve also commented out all
references to require_role and login_required in the controllers and
parent ApplicationController.



Follow up for anyone interested. The reason I could find the issue was
I was looking at the wrong request! The page was loading fine, but jw
mp3player was calling back to the url of the page its in with the last
part replace by ‘playlist’

eg if its in


the flash movie then makes a call to


which didn’t exist but the resulting behaviour changed depending on
whether a user was an admin or not. In the end it had nothing to do
with Acts As Authenticated or RoleRequirement, they just confused the