BitRate USRP N210


What is the minimum bit-rate of the N210 ? There is any formula to
it ?

The N210 has 16 bit samples (limited by the host-GigE) so up to 25MS/s.

C. Freq = 846.8 MHz
Bandwidth = 1MHz
Channel Bandwidth = 100 Hz
Sample Rate (Fs) = 20KHz

Is that correct :
BitRate = sample rate * 16bit * 2 ?
BitRate = 20KHz * 16 bit * 2 = 6.4 Mbps

The speedometer shows 798 KB/s (6.384Mbps).

Thanks in advance


Hi Abs,

there’s no minimum Bit rate, but a minimum Sample rate, which for Gen2
devices such as the N2xx is Master Clock Rate / 512,
ie. 100MHz/512 = 195312.5 Hz.

20kHz is significantly below that, so UHD will tell you that it actually
set the sample rate to 195.3125 kHz when you try to set the sampling
rate. Consequently, supplying only 20kS/s to the USRP will lead to a
whole lot of underruns.

Best regards,