Bit rate of the random source

hi all:

  I use the random_source in the GRC to generate the 0,1 

sequence,but I do not know the bit rate of the sequence.So can anynoe
tell me the bit rate of the sequence which is generated by the

  Besides, I saw there is a in the 

/gnuradio-example/python/digetal. Is this the program which is to
decide the bit rate of the data send by the USRP?



The bit-rate or sample-rate is determined by the first block in the flow
graph that conceptually treats the stream as having a “rate”.

The signal source block outputs periodic signals so it must have the
concept of a sample rate. However, a random source, noise source, or a
constant source does not.

If you were to connect the output of the random source to a scope or fft
display, the display would need to know the sample rate in order to
scale its axis. And therefore the concept of bit-rate or sample-rate
becomes defined by the parameters of the graphical display.