Binman 3.0.0

binman - UNIX man pages for Ruby bin/ scripts
GitHub - sunaku/binman: 🤓 Creates manual pages from header comments

What is it?

binman produces UNIX man pages for your Ruby bin/ scripts using
markdown(7), roff(7), md2man for conversion thereof, and man(1).

Obligatory Screenshot: <<

Here is an example bin/ script to help you get started:

What is new?

Breaking changes:

  • Removed the binman/gemspec helper library because it did not play
    well with Bundler. Use the standard add_runtime_dependency method
    instead. This[1] example shows what work is involved in upgrading.

External changes:

  • The binman/Rakefile helper library now hooks into Bundler’s Rake
    tasks. Be sure to add man// files to your gemspec accordingly[1].